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Focuses of our lawfirm are:

unfair competition law
• law on drug advertising
• trademark law
• design law
• copyright law
• patent law


A company´s market presence requires a high degree of design and marketing efforts. The development of products and product designs, their commercial launch, the advertising effort which is necessary therefore and the positioning of the company itself in the minds of the public addressed require high investments. In order to justify these high investments they must be durable and endured over the competition. To ensure this, during the development of products and the corresponding creative services it is necessary to pay attention to their protectability. Property rights must be defended and protected against infringers. They require care to ensure their longevity. This applies to products, product designs, trademarks and other signs (s.o.), to copyright work and also to advertising efforts. The law firm Taxhet | IP supports its clients in each of these phases.